Sunday, December 4, 2011

About God

I've had a lot of time on my hands to think over the last several years, about a lot of things, including some pretty big questions about life, the universe, and everything (thank you Douglas Adams for putting it so succinctly).

I've had questions, like everybody does, about the nature of God.  Some people take the path of a particular religious God.  Others see God as nature itself.  There are people that conceive of God as a vast intellect or even a computer.  

I don't yet have answers for those things.  But I think I have discovered an important aspect of God.  

In my world view, all things should function as one, should fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.  That include things like science and spirituality, mind and matter and brain and consciousness.  In the end, everything should be reduced to a simplistic whole, a oneness, a singularity.  

Science tells us that in the beginning, all was one, just at the moment of the Big Bang.  What if God was born with the Big Bang?  Some would then say, God is forever, therefore God was before the Big Bang.  My answer to that is, before the Big Bang was the potential  for God.  When the Universe was born, God was kinetic, and no longer potential.  

In the beginning, we're told, all things were one.  All energy.  All matter.  All space.  And all time was one.  That means, the First and the Last moments were one.  Another way of saying this is, the moment God was born, he was infinitely old. As soon as God came into actuality, he had had every thought it's possible for him to have.  At his birth, he had "seen it all and done it all."  

Then, what is left for God to do?  I suggest to you, God is bored out of his mind to the point of insanity.  He immerses himself into matter, into our petty little lives, just to be entertained for awhile.  He created randomness so that he could be surprised.  This is why God loves the warrior, the hero, the selfless individual, as well as the timid, the greedy, and the murderous.  He created the potential for them all, so that he would have a movie to watch.  It's improv theater where the participants don't know they're players on a stage. Since we are all splinters of the hologram of God, we all contain a unique aspect of God, and we all contain the fuzzy image of the wholeness of God.  (If you're not familiar with this, early holograms were created on glass plates, and it was discovered that if the glass was shattered, each piece of glass would still show the whole picture, just not as clearly as the original.)

Now what does this mean?  God already knows that we are all one with him.  We are all so closely related, that we as a planet are practically identical, at least in God's eyes.  If God seeks to be entertained, then, he will watch the unique, the odd, the unusual, the unexpected.  In other words, God loves egos.  Right now you're probably having a knee-jerk reaction to the word, because we've been so conditioned to feel that ego is a bad thing.  Ego can be  a bad thing, but not all egos are automatically bad.  It's true that in spiritual tradition, ego gets in the way of one's higher self.  That's why they always call for the diminishing of the ego.  Ego is simply one's identity, one's sense of self.  Mother Theresa shrank her ego, and gave to the world, and all the world made her a famous figure.  One can choose to do good  with their ego, their focus of self. Mother Theresa, to use her example again, stood out.  She got noticed.  If she was looking for God, I would say she found him - or - he found her.  

God also noticed Hitler.

Saying God loves egos does not just mean he loves proud, arrogant, evil, or malicious people.  He does, of course, as he made them all.  My point is, we all have the choice to use our egos to make for ourselves any life we choose.  God will be happy with your choice no matter what it is.  Personally, I seek to make a better future for myself and those around me.  God may love me no matter what, but in order for human society as we know it to continue to improve, constant effort is required by all the members of that society to maintain it and upgrade it.  God created the potential for evil, but that does not mean that we have to choose it. 

Someone once said, if God  did not exist, we would have to invent him.  Whether he created us, or we created him, either way God exists in my mind.

I happen to believe a peculiar play on language, called the language of the birds.  As I understand its principles, the words God and good must be the same word.  I know that I have d'evil in me, and I have in me good as well.  So any way I see it, God exists.  

And now, I just want to entertain him.  Her.  It.  Whatever. 

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